DELÍRIO® is a results-based kickass dance fitness workout based in authentic african and latin dance! what makes us different?   we're certified fitness professionals AND KILLER DANCERS DEDICATED TO teaching (!), SERVING others AND HELPING YOU GET RESULTS!             NO CLIQUES. NO FLUFFY MOVEMENT. NO WANNABE STARS.  no hobby-ists. would you trust a doctor who got his degree in an 8-hour workshop? Yeah...  #awareness101  ⭐️you got goals! We've got the method! Let's dance! 


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Delírio offers three progressions of certification for group fitness instructors. From the Delírio Foundations course to Delírio Pasión, an invitation-only curriculum for career teachers ready to take their craft to world-class level. Apply and audition!

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a transatlantic journey through dance...

Delírio Latin African Dance Workout was conceived in Paris, built its foundation in Haiti, developed its values and strengthened its potential with master teachers from Cuba, Senegal, Brazil and Puerto Rico... to name a few. Its authenticity and purpose have been challenged, fortified and championed by outspoken minority communities around the globe. As it should be.  In 2010, Delírio began sowing seeds in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since 2014, it's awakened the region to the value of cultural dance as a way to express oneself without reservation WHILE achieving high performance fitness! Check out the Delírio explosion in Panamá's fitness industry on the 'gram @deliriopty



I found myself keeping the kitchen wall company in my classmate's flat in Paris. I'd like to say I was washing dishes or refilling guests' glasses. But I wasn't. I was hiding! From a festive and welcoming bunch of students from Guadeloupe. I left the party not because I was excluded from the dance circle... but because I thought I was missing a talent necessary to participate. I was a dancer... with zero understanding of folkloric dance, partner dancing, non-structured movement.  I thought dance was Martha Graham and Dunham. I didn't get that the goal was to move-- in whatever way resonated with me. I didn't get that it was not about steps and counts or rules and judgment. That party changed my life. What I learned: there are just a few ports of entry into any culture: food, music, dance. Not even language can connect people as deeply as these daily things. Why? 


Because people connect most profoundly through emotions. When we share the little joys of life, identity markers and cultural barriers disappear. Language and fashion don't matter. It doesn't matter how we hold our fork or what title we've earned. What matters is the smile we exchange with each other- a universally understood sign that all is right with the world.   

What the heck does this story have to do with my creating a dance fitness methodology? Everything. 



More than 20 years later... I'm a practitioner of afro-descendent folkloric dance and a speaker-activist for the preservation and celebration of its history. I'm a dancer-storyteller and fitness expert who empowers diverse groups of people through one of the most salient forms of communication: dance. 

Delírio is not just a kickass workout based in African and Latin dance that delivers measurable results *ahem*; it's also a vehicle by which to bring people together, to foster connection and inspire them to serve their communities by leveraging their differences. If you dig this, join us! Get ready to "get fit to serve!"



I’m here to serve, not show off. I teach to empower people to be who they are without reservation.
— Laurie Pillow, Creator of Delírio®

As a journalist-activist, fitness expert, and professional dancer— Laurie promotes a healthy lifestyle for mind and body by empowering  people to “get fit from the inside out.” 

From African neighborhoods of Paris to Haiti and the sugar cane communities in the Dominican Republic, Laurie has lived in, studied and documented the cultures that belie the dances featured in Delírio® Latin African Dance classes.  

Pillow began her fitness career in Paris, France over two decades ago. Her mentor, Stéphane Madec, was a trailblazer in the industry: the Folies Bergeres choreographer and personal trainer coached her rigorously for years. Under Madec's strict tutelage, Pillow completed the French government's certifications in exercise science and trained daily in forms of dance from modern to West African. She attributes her popular teaching style to Madec: purposeful movement, emotional connection and athleticism. 

Highlights: In 2012, Delírio became an official partner and advocate of Michelle Obama's prestigious President's Challenge. Delírio programs such as Evolución X Delírio and Dance Your Story™ inspire people to combine storytelling, dance, fitness and outreach to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. In 2014, Delírio trained and launched its first team of instructors in Latin America. In 2015, Laurie deepened the company’s social outreach efforts. She partnered with CASA de Maryland, the largest US organization serving latino immigrants, to create and provide original leadership programming for marginalized youth. In addition, she began serving as an arts literacy consultant for Pro-Kilti, an organization that promotes the use of cultural performing arts as a vehicle for storytelling and youth political participation in Haiti. In 2016, Delírio expanded its ranks of instructors and has taken Panamá by storm. In 2017, Delírio launched an initiative with the Panamanian government to bring fitness and empowerment programming to communities. In 2018, Virginia Beach Public Schools recognized Laurie as an official Partner in Education for her continuing service as a mentor and guest teacher for the Cultural Arts Academy and African Café Series.  

Multilingual, Pillow resides in the Dominican Republic and teaches Delírio® throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and the United States. A dynamic university lecturer and speaker, she inspires people around the world to explore topics in dance history and social justice and produces Delírio Solidarity events to promote social inclusion and community action.


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