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Personal Training & Workshops 

Personal Training  Individually-tailored online programs help you transform your body and reignite your life! It’s about empowerment, high performance habits and hard work!  Join me for a complimentary online consultation! 

Master Classes and Specialty Workshops  Delírio and much more! Book now!

Instructor Certification & Continuing Education

Delírio offers three progressions of certification for group fitness instructors. From the Delírio Foundations course to Delírio Pasión, an invitation-only curriculum for career teachers ready to take their craft to world-class level. Apply and audition!

Coaching for Fitness Professionals

High Performance Coaching catapults fitness professionals to the next level! How to distinguish yourself from the bazillions of trainer-hobbyists and instructors who "got certified" last Saturday morning?!  Master your craft and develop your personal brand of fitness! If you've got a vision, grit and energy, this process might be for you!  Join me for a complimentary online consultation!